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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

What is a learner-driven community?

From their academics to studio management, the learners at Peak are empowered to learn from the successes and failures of driving their own experience both as individuals and as members of a community. Through guided discussions, individualized coaching, and prompted goal-setting, the bears are equipped to learn how to self-manage and self-regulate and to process inter-relational challenges by managing their space and time.

Does PEAK offer financial aid?

PEAK offers families who need financial assistance the ability to apply for a needs-based scholarship.

Who is a perfect fit for PEAK?

PEAK is for families who believe in their own hero’s journey and are willing to commit to authentic growth alongside their children.

What is the school schedule?

The PEAK Bears meet five days a week from 8am-3pm. The year begins after Labor Day and goes through the summer, with weeklong breaks between 5- or 6- week sessions.  

*Outings and trips may affect the daily/weekly timings.

What is "coaching" and why is it emphasized?

Coaching is a key component to providing learners with an environment where the community can find their passions. Rather than only Socratic guiding, Coaches work 1 on 1 with learners to help them discover their place in the world.

Why is travel emphasized?

PEAK is focussed on exposing learners to all the world has to offer. We believe getting out of our comfort zone is key.

Is PEAK a religious school?

While the learners at Peak Collective are exposed to the importance of mindful spirituality, we do not promote any one religion.

How much does PEAK cost?

Annual fee for PEAK is $19,000 per year. Additional costs per trips will be required.

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