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What is PEAK?

Peak is a container to clarify one's dreams and pursue them through adventures, projects, mentorships, and rites of passage, with a spiritually grounded foundation.

This is a space to recognize that (at this age) this is the most capable these young people have ever been. This is the first time in their lives they've been this strong, this sharp, this aware, and the first time they're able to be on their own. Peak is a time to capture this moment and capitalize on this new energy and dramatic growth, and propel them forward.

Sunset Kayak
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About: Our Mission

Our Story

In 2021, a group of families set off on a mission to reimagine the middle school experience. Together we are creating holistically catered development of who they want to be while mastering core skills.

Peak is a learner-driven community for those courageous enough to discover their own unique genius by exploring themselves and the world around us.

About: About Us

Our Community's Core Tenants

  • We embrace Rites of Passage to support this powerful time in the lives of learners and their families. 

  • We believe in increasing self-awareness through mindful practices.

  • We continuously reflect on what brings us alive and hold each other accountable in growth required to achieve it.

  • We develop self-confidence through grit and dedication to our commitments. 

About: Our Philosophy

Board of Directors

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Chris Coggin

After spending his school-aged years in traditional education (both public and private), Chris found his love of learning as a student at the Acton School of Business in 2010. The proceeding years were spent honing the craft of Socratic Guiding and he went on to teach at Acton for 8 years and served as Interim President for a year.
After a successful career investing in and consulting for private companies, he has dedicated his life to the development of others. 
Chris lives in Austin with his wife, Elena and their three children, Sam, Lincoln and Willow-Jane.

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Tim Nikolaev

Tim Nikolaev was a successful Cutco sales rep turned prolific real estate investor. Focusing primarily on mobile home parks, Tim and his wife have managed to accumulate over 500 rentals in about 10 years, enabling them to essentially retire from the traditional workplace. Tim now teaches three classes in the MBA Program at the exclusive Acton School of Business, where he was recently named Teacher of the Year. You can’t have a conversation with Tim that isn’t thought-provoking and inspiring, and this conversation is a perfect example. Get ready to have your mind stretched, your limitations exploded, and the path to your own genius unlocked.

About: Staff
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